from the Desk of Ayesha Chowdhury

(Serving people, connecting God)

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

Assalamu Alaikum. It is an honour, what this occasion of finding you on this page has brought to me. I welcome each of you, who has been an integral part of our dream of becoming the leading hajj service provider in the country!

The first quarter of this century has seen some serious catastrophes such as economic recession, corona virus pandemic situation etc. But when I go back in time in imagination, I remember a great many of you used to connect yourselves with us through mail and over phone. It is a wonderful experience, that holds us together to get our company’s motto ‘’Serving people, connecting God” achieved. My colleagues have been very supportive all through these years in solidifying our position as a service providing organization. In addition to their regular duties, they conduct training sessions as a part of our tour plan to make the participants more knowledgeable of the rules and remind them of their main task to submit themselves completely to the Almighty Allah, as a way of getting relief from the mental agonies that may have caused by the mistakes, made in their early incarnations. Today our success rate shows that our place is much higher in the graph chart than those we had in the preceding years. We want to stride closer to our goal of becoming religious partner of more of you in fulfillment of your dreams of performing the Hajj more satisfactorily and with more conviction. Our teams at home and abroad are always dedicated to your service. Our efforts will continue unceasingly to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

I thank you all for your tremendous amount of support.

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