Expert Hajj Guidelines

We provide comprehensive guidance to assist pilgrims in fulfilling their spiritual duties accurately. Our guidelines are crafted to help you navigate through the sacred rituals of your devotional journey with understanding and ease.

Commencing the Spiritual Voyage

The pilgrimage begins on the 8th of Dhu al-Hijjah. Devotees don ceremonial attire known as Ihram within Mecca’s boundaries and advance towards Mina, situated roughly 10 kilometers from central Mecca. The journey is traditionally made on foot, in large groups, culminating in an overnight stay at Mina. This locale, often referred to as the city of tents, boasts in excess of 100,000 air-conditioned shelters to house pilgrims temporarily.

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Day of Reflection at Arafat

The subsequent phase, on the 9th, involves a trek to the desert plains of Arafat located about 15 kilometers from Mina. An afternoon spent at Arafat is crucial for a valid Hajj. The time here is dedicated to prayer until dusk. Following sunset, pilgrims depart for Muzdalifah, a midway point between Mina and Arafat, to gather stones and sleep under the stars.

Rituals of Devotion and Sacrifice

On the 10th day, the journey continues back to Mina and onward to Jamarat Bridge for a ritual denouncing evil, symbolized by casting seven pebbles at a wall. Post-ritual, a sacrificial act is carried out. Pilgrims then return to Mecca for Tawaf and Sa’ii rituals, subsequently shedding their Ihram for regular clothes. The night is spent back in Mina.

Concluding Acts and Farewell Tawaf

Devotees revisit Jamarat Bridge on the 11th and 12th for further symbolic rejections of evil. As dusk falls on the 12th, they return to Mecca. The final rite occurs on the 13th with Tawaf Widaa — the last circumnavigation of the Kaaba before pilgrims depart Mecca.

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